justAd is a pure play tech provider that offers brands, agencies, ad-tech companies and publishers an array of automated and self-service tools to create, deliver and track mobile first rich media ads.
Playable ads are our drive! Allowing customers to create HTML5 games on their own is what we strive to do.
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Creative ad production is moving increasingly in-house. As a proud member of In-House Agency Forum (IHAF) justAd is at the forefront of efforts to empower brands directly in scaling and optimizing their digital campaigns.

One of the most challenging roles in today’s eco system is the agency role. As an agency executive, the amount of data and knowledge you need to possess today is staggering. With regard to creative tech, we understand that and believe that in many cases, the challenge is not another engaging ad but a coherent, easy to bill process where all stakeholder are informed on campaign status and results.

Serving both media and creative agencies, justAd became the solution of choice for more and more large and medium agencies around the world. justAd’s reporting and team collaboration features makes working with large and distributed organizations simple.

Programmatic does NOT mean no creativity! Actually, most ads created using our technology today are bought and sold programmatically, not directly. By adhering to all IAB and related standards, serving our ads is as simple and flexible as serving a standard static banner.

A prime segment of our customer base are ad tech companies. We all share the same concept of scalable operation and build our business around that. Our robust media certification list, simple to create ads and reporting options all allow for scale.

We serve both premium content and gaming publishers.

For publishers who monetize parts of their inventory directly, justAd provides off-the-shelf ad formats and production services that allow for winning more RFPs.

Sales teams gain insights into the most effective ad units and a platform to showcase a variety of available ad formats.


Creative Factory

Drag and Drop as it should be. Powerful self-service platform with 300+ creative features.

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Unlock infinite creative possibilities. Change features and actions with free coding.

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Bring life to static banners. Galleries, carousels, videos and more, all created automatically.

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Managed Services

Win creative-based RFPs with our creative team. Full end-to-end service.

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