justAd is a pure play tech provider that offers brands, agencies, ad-tech companies and publishers an array of automated and self-service tools to create, deliver and track mobile first rich media ads.
Playable ads are our drive! Allowing customers to create HTML5 games on their own is what we strive to do.
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Playable Ads

Playable ads are one of the strongest forces driving us. Enabling customers to create, serve and track playable ads is what sets us apart from the pack. Playable ads are one of the most challenging aspects we deal with. Solving these challenges actually forges and reflects the rest of the platform, from logical building blocks and user gestures to video control and many more features and capabilities.

In its very essence, every playable ad is actually an ad displaying a mini game, meaning it is HTML5 / MRAID compatible with all statistic benefits of the justAd stack.

Trying an app before downloading it, playing a branded game and many other use cases, all communicate with users in a fun, added value manner. Ads pay for content, but if they succeed in amusing the user and creating a positive experience, they can actually make a difference and stand out as a meaningful user experience driving amazing results. 

We powered hundreds of playable ad campaigns with leading gaming companies and brands all over the world. We believe that playable ads are the most effective way to do mobile advertising. Period.

Why Do We Focus on Playable Ads?


It’s difficult.


People love it.


It shows amazing results.

Outstream Interactive Video

It’s needless to say that video is considered the most effective way of advertising by many experts. Mobile video and mobile display video, in particular, creates several tech challenges that are all natively supported. Multiple devices and environments make serving, displaying and measuring of video not a trivial task. Instant Play, Video Galleries and 360° are some of the features marketers expect from any basic ad and all are supported.

But on mobile, there is one more crucial aspect to video: Interactivity. There is no lean back vs lean forward methodology as everything needs to be interactive and engaging. This is what we excel at, adding interactivity to any video experience.

Dynamic Creative 

Ad Tech vendors today are able to pinpoint people, audiences and moments in order to send a message to the right person at the right time. The message itself, which is ultimately the creative, can and should be personalized as much as possible. Dynamic creative can respond to many different contextual parameters like location, time, weather and basically any 3rd party API that is available.

With Dynamic Creative or Programmatic Creative, customers can segment audiences into groups and show each group a custom creative that is more likely to impact them specifically.

An integral part of Dynamic Creative is the ability to A/B test everything and to decide if the ad creative isn’t performing or only a small piece of it.