Playing Pieces

Spin: initiates the spinning of the wheel upon pressing it. Your individual picture can be uploaded to it, and additional actions upon tapping are available.

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Wheel Image: is the visual used for the wheel. Swap it with your own one if you like.
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WOF: is the game engine.

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Console: is a message displaying either a good or slow spin. You can alter the usual text parameters of this Text Widget.

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On Good Spin: lets a message occur upon a good spin by the user. The widget contains an Internal Tacker which detects the good spin. A JS code initiating the message to occur can be (ex)changed. Feel free to add any action of your choice to get triggered by a good spin.

On Slow Spin: lets a message occur upon a good spin by the user. Change JS or tracker or add other actions how you prefer.

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Win 1-12: each of the 12 Win widgets is connected to its numerical equivalent on the wheel. When a number of the wheel is chosen, the Internal Tracker of the equivalent Win widget detects it. Add an action of your choice to each one.

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