The options for adding resources to the Creative Factory are:

  1. Drag & drop into the Creative Factory.
  2. Import Resources button in the Resources pane.
  3. Import via the Resources pop-up.
  4. External Resources, which will be explained in greater detail later.


Drag & Drop

You can drag & drop from the operating system into one of the following destinations:

  1. Into the Resources Panel. The resources are just added to the ad.
  2. Onto the Canvas. The resources will be added as Visual widgets.
  3. Into an existing Widget. If it’s a single-image widget, and you try to add several images, only one will be added to the widget. The rest will be added to the Resources panel.


You cannot drag & drop into:

  1. The Resources pop-up.
  2. Widgets that don’t accept images, for example the Distance Widget.


Import Buttons

You can import via your browser from two locations:

1. The Resources Panel 

2. The Resources Pop-Up


External Resources

The purpose of the external resource is to show an image that can be updated without re-saving and re-publishing the ad. The image sits outside the Creative Factory, and whenever there is a need to update it, it is simply replaced. The ad refreshes an external resource every time it displays it, but you should remember that servers have cache times that the Creative Factory does not control. External resources can be of any image type. To get an external resource, paste a URL in the External tab in the Resources pop-up.

Once an external resource is in the ad, it is added to the Resources pane and you can handle it like a normal resource, including dragging it into other widgets.

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