The Video Player is functionally similar to the Video Strip widget. However, behind the scenes it works totally different. The Video Player sends to the mobile device an MP4 file and NOT a series of images with sound synchronization. On the device, the video is decoded and presented to the viewer with no need for custom SDKs with or without autostart capabilities.


When uploading a Video Player via the Preferences Panel, the below pop-out is presented:


Quality: effects the video quality (bit rate) 40% = 160 Kbps and 100% – 1Mbps.

Width / Height: you can choose one of them. It will effect the video size if it uses the width or the height. In any case the video aspect ratio will be kept.


Advantages of the Video Player

  1. The ad size is smaller as the video is compressed. This means the ad will start sooner and there will be less waste of media inventory.
  2. The video is presented in very high quality.
  3. The video can autostart muted in both Mobile Web and inApp environments.
    However, According to a device policy for iOS 10.3+ devices, an unmuted video can only be triggered by a user interaction.
    For example, if on Page 1 we have a “Show Page” action triggered by an “On Tap” event, an auto-start video on Page 2 will play normally.
    However, if we would delay the video start in 1 second or more, the device will not identify the prior user interaction and the video won’t start.

! Please note that since the Video Player is using the device to decode the video, it is recommended for devices with the following operating systems: Android 4 and above and iOS 8 and above. Also the video size of more than 20MB is not supported.

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