There are two types of triggers: user triggers (anything a user can do to initiate a response) and internal triggers (all triggers that are not a user interaction).


User Triggers

The user can interact with the ad in one of the following ways:



1. Touch: The first interaction with the interface.

2. Tap: Once a touch event started and the finger (mouse in PC) was removed from the interface.

3. Long Press: A tap event that occurs only if the tap activity was conducted above half a second or more.

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4. Scratch

5. Shake / Tilt / Gyro – three actions based on the device’s gyroscope.

6. Drag.

7. Swipe

8. Zoom: double-tap or pinch (in the Creative Factory Preview: mouse scroll)

9. Type (for Fields).


Internal Triggers

These are triggers that may stand alone or may occur at the end of a chain of user interactions.

1. Page Entry.

2. End of Native Video.

3. End of Animation Strip.

4. End of Counter.

5. End of Scroll.

6. End of Scratch.

7. Timer.

8. Condition.

9. JS.

10. Collision of Gyro / Drifter with Wall / Gyro / Drifter.


Page Triggers

The page has its own triggers that can be applied to certain widget actions. The following triggers are only available at the page level.


On Page Entry

On page entry, various page and widget actions can be set off.


On Gyro Unsupported, On Shake, On Tilt, On Untilt

Gyro-based page actions are either via ‘Shake’  – rapid back and forth – or ‘Tilt’ – a move in just one direction. These will only work on the newer devices, however.

The ‘On Gyro Unsupported’ trigger was created to make sure your ad remains interactive even on older devices. When the ad starts, it checks whether or not the device supports gyro and if it doesn’t, the ad then checks if there is an action defined for the ‘On Gyro Unsupported’ trigger. Simply create a secondary path through the ad – for example, a different page where the interaction is not gyro-based – that is initiated by the ‘On Gyro Unsupported’ trigger. This way, no matter which device the ad runs on, it will supply the user experience you were aiming for.

Then there’s the ‘Shake’ action itself, and the three ‘Tilt’ triggers – left, right and untilt, which is the return to the middle position from either a left or right tilt.

! Note: currently there is no ‘Gyro Unsupported’ simulation in the Preview.


Page Swipe

‘Page Swipe’ triggers are used only for navigating between pages in the ad. A swipe action can be performed in one of four directions, and each direction must lead to a different page – you cannot lead to the same page with two different swipe directions. To prevent mistakes, the pages drop-down list is updated when you select a page, so that the page will not be available for selection for another swipe trigger.

Tip: if you want to assign a page to a different ‘Swipe’ trigger, first remove it from the original ‘Swipe’ trigger. This will add it to the pages drop-down list of the other triggers.

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