PRO API allows users to access and modify the justAd platform by using Javascript coding. 


Typical PRO API Use Cases

  1. Syncing two or more widgets
  2. Enhancing existing widgets
  3. Creating new functionalities

Getting Started

There’re endless possible uses for the PRO API, just to share a few: Moving one gallery affects a different gallery or combining distance and text widgets. Most functions are documented with easy-to-get started simple examples.

The PRO API is an integral part of the justAd framework. Therefore, all other benefits of the justAd like analytics, tag generation and more remain the same.

To get started click here.

Support Notice

When approaching our support team, please note that in most cases they cannot resolve code related issues, and our R&D teams will handle the ticket. Therefore, please make sure that in your ticket you clearly describe the issue and give us a way to instantly replicate the issue.



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