The Creative Factory is accompanied by the Dashboard sometime referred as the Campaign Manager (CM). Brands, campaigns, ads, users and performance results are all managed via the CM.

The Dashboard organizes your data in an intuitive manner. The top level is brand; you can have one or more brands, and the division to brands is entirely up to you. Within each brand, you’ll have one or more campaigns. A campaign will hold one or more ads, and each ad can have multiple variations.

The Dashboard is the main functions are to create, manage and get reports for the Creative Factory. The Dashboard is not an ad server or a DSP interface.

You can read about:

  1. A general overview of the CM.
  2. The Dashboard, your gateway to the CM.
  3. Working with brands, campaigns, ads and variations.
  4. Templates and samples.
  5. Handling users.
  6. Heat maps.

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