Editing in Text Widget

When you double-click the widget on the Canvas, you go into its editing mode. You can write in it, and you can also edit the text using the control menu:


The text’s font can be selected from the list, but you can also upload a font. If you highlight text when you make changes to font, color etc., the highlighted text will be changed. If you don’t highlight, only the text you enter after you made the changes will match your new definitions.


How to Use Google Fonts in the Text Widget

  1. Go to: http://www.google.com/fonts/.
  2. Select the fonts you want by clicking on “Add to Collection“.
  3. Click on “Use” in the lower right corner.
  4. Choose the styles you want (out of the fonts you selected).
  5. Click on the Down Arrow button in the right upper corner.
  6. Click on the “.zip file” link.
  7. Unzip downloaded file.
  8. In the Text Widget select “Upload Custom Font..”.
  9. Upload the font you want from the unzipped folder.
  10. The Text Font will be changed to the Font you uploaded.


While color, font, bold etc. are set through the menu, the font size, alignment and direction are set through the Properties pane, since they apply to all the text in the widget.


The Text widget can have Touchable definitions, meaning it can be scrolled and zoomed into.



Text Effects in Text Widget

Once you selected a Trigger in the Text widget’s Properties Panel like ‘Tap’ or ‘Touch’, go to ‘Animations’.


You can use ‘Text In’ and or ‘Text Out’.

Animation Type: the effect type (8 options)

Animation Order: (4 options)

Duration: the total time for all the animation effect. As a rule of thumb you can use 75 milliseconds for each letter.

Note: you can create a Loop and run ‘Text In’ and ‘Text Out’ effects.


Text Effects in Distance Widget

All Text effects can be used on the text of the Distance Widget.

Note: As the Distance widget is updated dynamically, the animation should be configured by selecting the ‘On Ready’ Trigger and then selecting the animations.

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