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A Smart Group is a special widget as on its own, it does nothing. It only works with other widgets attached to it.

The Smart Group widget has three main use cases.

  1. Group together multiple widgets and move / animate them together in the final ad and in edit mode.
  2. The Smart Group slightly resembles the ‘Smart Object’ in Photoshop, in which only the graphics within the parameters of the Smart Group are displayed while everything else is cropped.
  3. Work on and move widgets within the Smart Group. Widgets remain fully functional within a Group. The only difference is that their X and Y parameters refer to the Smart Group widget, and not the regular Canvas.

Creating a Smart Group

  1. Drag a Smart Group widget onto the canvas.
  2. Drag other widgets onto the canvas.
  3. In the Layers Panel, drag the widgets that should be part of the Smart Group onto it. Once done, they will a subpart of it.
  4. Please note:
    1. The order of the widgets in the sublayer is important as the first one will be presented on top.
    2. Make sure all the graphics you need to be visible are located within the parameters of the Smart Group or they will be cropped.
  5. Configure each widget by selecting it in the layer panel.

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