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The “Smart Gallery” widget is the latest addition to the Creative Factory’s gallery section. In contrast to the “Gallery” widget, the “Smart Gallery” allows swiping of “Smart Group” widgets instead of images. This ability enables you to put anything you want inside (images, videos, drifter etc.) for maximum engagement and control.

  • By default, the widget contains 3 Smart Groups as sub widgets.
  • There are no limitations in the amount of Smart Groups you can add to the Smart Gallery

smart gallery 1


  • To add more Smart Groups, you can add them manually under the Parameters.
  • Or, you can add by selecting Smart Group under the “Basic widgets”, and dragging it onto the Smart Gallery folder in the “Layers Panel”.

smart gallery 2


Creating a Smart Gallery

  • Drag a Smart Gallery onto the canvas.
  • As mentioned, you will see 3 Smart Groups automatically created under the Smart Gallery.
  • In the Layers Panel, drag the widgets that should be part of the Smart Group onto it. Once done, they will be a subpart of it.

smart gallery 3

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