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The four multi-image widgets – 360, Gallery, Carousel and Advanced Gallery – are distinguishable by the user interactions that they allow.

The Gallery allows moving from one image to the next or previous;

the Advanced Gallery adds three dimensional animations to the way images are moved;

the Carousel lets the user browse through images in a carousel formation;

the 360 allows a smooth motion between several images.

All four widgets support auto-rotation. Note that auto-rotation is stopped by interaction and it does not start again when the interaction stops.

! These widgets are multi-image, but they take the dimension of the first image placed into them, so if the other images are not of the same dimensions, they will be distorted.


Adding Images

You can drop images into the Widgets using drag & drop from the Resources Panel, from your computer or from the images button on the Preferences Panel of each widget. You can then arrange the images in the widgets using drag & drop in the widgets’ image lists.

When images are dragged in from the OS’s Browser window, they are not ordered the way most people expect. We expect the order that was in the Browser window to be maintained, but instead the first image to arrive at the Creative Factory is the image that we grabbed to initiate the drag&drop action. If you want to maintain the order, make sure to grab the first image in the list before dragging.


‘Show Page’, ‘Open URL’ & ‘Hide Ad’ Action

Additionally, for the Gallery, Advanced Gallery, and Carousel, you can select an action that will occur when the user taps each image: Show Page, Open URL or Hide Ad. None is the default. Among many others, 360 also contains these actions.



360 ‘Go to Image’ Action

360 can be controlled using the action called ‘Go to Image’. You can select a specific image to show, move the user backwards or forwards by one image, or take him to the first or last image.



360 ‘On Image’ Trigger

The ‘On Image’ trigger is used to trigger any activity once a specific image is presented.

Important Note: the ‘On Image’ allows advance animations to occur. Its use case goes beyond a simple 360 Gallery. With the ‘On Image’ trigger, animating any other widget while the 360 Gallery is moving can be done with no need for custom coding.

360 Repeat: the ‘Repeat Rotation’ allows the movement to occur multiple times. If unchecked, the movement will not allow the first image to move to the last one and the last image to move to the first one.

To see the Gallery widget in action:

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