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An image that the user can scratch to reveal what is beneath, or for a specific action that occurs when the scratch is completed. You can even set your own custom scratch pattern or use one of our suggestions. Note that you can define what percentage of the image must be scratched before it is treated as complete. Here is an example of a Scratch widget with an arrow-shaped scratch pattern, already partially scratched in Preview.

Note that the ad’s blue background is visible where it has been already scratched:

scratch already scratched


Please note two points:

  1. Don’t use the ad’s background as the element that’s revealed when the scratch disappears. The Background Image is scaled according to the device size in a policy that is not dependent on the ad’s policy; that means the Scratch and the background don’t fit together the same way on different devices, and the revealed portion will be too large or too small for the Scratch widget.
  2. The widget cannot work without a scratch pattern. If you open the Resources pop-up from the Scratch Pattern field, you’ll get a list of suggested Resources.


To see this widget in action:

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