Ad designed Responsive adapts the layout of the page to the viewing orientation by detecting the viewer orientation and presenting the relevant Page for it.


Using Responsive in Your Ad

In the Ad Settings you have a check-box for responsive.


! Note: Creative Factory assumes that the first page in each stage is portrait as reflected by its name. Therefore it is advised, when creating the ad, to start building the portrait page first.

You can check it for the ‘Banner Stage’ and the ‘Screen’ (expand) stage.

Checking it will result in creating 3 different Stages: Stage 1, ‘P Expand’, and ‘L Expand’. Please note that the ‘P’ refers to ‘Portrait’ and ‘L’ refers to ‘Landscape’.


In each of the new stages you can add as many pages that you want.



Once the responsive check-box is clicked, the ad will auto-detect the viewer orientation and will present the right stage for it.


Popular Use Cases

1) Interstitial ad that may be presented in both ‘Landscape’ and ‘Portrait’ Stages

2) Expandable ad with a responsive ‘Expand’ Stage



1) Responsive works for both in-app and mobile web environments. However, in an in-app environment, some apps lock the screen. Within these apps, the responsive design will not work.

2) Changing orientation will result in displaying the first page of the relevant stage.

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