Widgets Tab

When you open the Creative Factory, this panel will show you the Widgets tabThe tab holds all the widgets you can use on the device you’re creating an ad for. For example, an ad featuring a mini game may contain a Timer Widget.


To add a widget to your ad, drag it from the panel to the Canvas:


Widget Families

Widgets are arranged on the Widgets panel by their functions. They are located in the area of their Widget families. These families are each highlighted with a different color. After dragging a widget onto the canvas, and until an asset is assigned to it, the widget appears in the very color of its Widget family.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.45.57 PM


Resources Tab

The Resources tab lists all the images and videos added to your ad, whether or not it’s on the canvas.

Like the Widgets tab, the Resources tab allows dragging directly to the canvas. If you drop a resource on the canvas, it will create a Visual widget. If you drag it into another widget, that widget will receive the image.

You can upload resources to the Creative Factory in the following ways:

  1. Drag and drop from the desktop to the canvas or to a widget.
  2. Import all resources at once from the bottom of the Resources Panel (you can also export them all together from here).
  3. Import from the Widget Preferences Panel.
  4. Double-clicking on a widget will open a desktop view for the right file type.

Each asset that has been uploaded appears in the Resources Panel with a counter indicating how many times it is used inside of the ad, its hight, weight and size.

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