December 1st: new Instruction page

December 7th: Best practice for designers  

December 14th: Enhanced social actions

December 21th: adding Flip to advance galleries. 

December 30th: Store Image action

Happy New Year 🙂

January 7th: Interactive Video widget

January 13th: New look and feel to our website

January 14th: bug fix: Calendar is now available in mobile web.

January 21st: 30+ new templates.

February 11th: Responsive Upgrade

February 22nd: 360 On Image Trigger 

March 4: On Touch, Tap and Long Press Triggers

March 15th: Text Effects

March 30th: Populating Tag Values

April 27th: Social upgrade

May 4th: Locator

May 13th: Copy and Paste between ads

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