Page Navigation

On each page, you can navigate between the page itself and its Widgets by using either:

  1. Your TAB key; note that if you’re focused on one of the fields in the Preferences Panel, the TAB will move you between fields, rather than to the next widget.
  2. The mouse; click on a widget to focus on it, or on an empty space (between the widget) to focus on the page.
  3. The drop-down list at the top of the Preferences Panel.

To move between pages, use the page list on the Pages and Stages Toolbar:


Page Creation

Pages can be created either by clicking ‘New’ (creates a blank page) or ‘Duplicate’ (duplicates the page currently in focus) on the bottom pane:


Page Names

The pages get a default name when they’re created. That name is derived from a count of how many of that type are on the page. So your first page, for example, will be called Page 1. The second will be called Page 11. This makes it easier to spot parents and children.

Pages can be re-named using the drop-down list on the Preferences Panel.

You can reach the drop-down list either by clicking it directly, by clicking on the page (on the Canvas or at the Stages and Pages Toolbar).



A stage in an ad contains one or more pages. The pages all inherit their dimensions, scaling policy and alignment from the stage. They also inherit the Close button, and can inherit the Background image (although you can also set a background image per page).

You cannot change the number of stages in an Ad Unit, only the number of pages per stage. For example, the Expandable Banner ad unit has two stages. Here, for example is a second page added to Stage 1, and two more pages to Stage 2, by highlighting a page in the stage and clicking the ‘New’ button:


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