The Analytics are designed to help you judge the effectiveness of ads and specific elements within each ad.

Throughout the platform there several analytics and statistics data.

Campaign Manager data:

The dashboard is a great place to get data on the last ads and aggregated data on all campaigns.

Brand, Campaign, Ad and Variation pages all allow to view relevant analytics.

Apart from the campaign manager the analytics data can be retrieved by:

1) heat maps

2) CSV data

Your Console

To configure ad analytics to your ad server please visit the Instruction Page for more details on how to add tracking pixels to your tag or ad creative.

User Data

justAd does not collect user data. In the event the Ad uses field and submit functions the data can be retrieved by clicking in the lead CSV field on the ad.

Google Analytics

if you have a Google Analytics account you can add your ad into it. This can be very handy when you would like to have another system looking at the data to avoid discrepancies. For more information please visit Ad Properties .

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