Glispa Create (formerly JustAd) is a powerful and feature rich platform that can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. This post will walk you through the flow of creating a first Creative Factory ad.


Getting Started

The first thing to realize is that an ad can only exist inside an Campaign that exists within a Brand. Creating them is very simply in the our Campaign Manager or Dashboard.

Once you have created the ad, it is important to select the right Format and Settings for your ad. Please note that the Setting is a bit more advanced and you can start by using its default values. You can also read our best practice for Ad Unit Selection.


The Creative Factory

It is best to think of a direction and to play around with it. When you open the Factory for a new ad, here’s what you’ll see: The Canvas in the middle, the Resources & Widgets Panel , Preferences Panel , Layers Panel , and Pages and Stages .

It is important to use the Preview view during your editing. The building blocks of the Creative Factory are: The Canvas, Pages, Stages, WidgetsActions and Resources.

Once the Ad is ready you can share it with the customer and once its approved, you need to click Publish. Both activities are best done from the Campaign Manager.

A published ad is ready to use. Now you need to get the tag from (Again from the Campaign Manager ) the Instruction Page.


Your First Ad Is Now Live

Data is a visible in the Ad Page, CSV and Heat Maps.


Best Practice, Seeing Other Ready Made Ads

It is also recommend to read our Best Practice. Using Samples as a way to see other ads and how they were created is very useful as well.

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