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The Map in preview should work like a regular Google map. In edit mode, it looks like an image.

! The maps behave differently on iOS and Android because they utilize the native behaviors. Therefore they also have different visual controls (like the absence of the +/- signs on the iOS).


Selecting Destinations

  1. Address/Place Search: this radio button determines what you really search for. If you select ‘Address’, you need to enter a proper address like street and city. If you select ‘Place’ search, you need to enter a proper name, like McDonald’s.
  2. Directions: only applies to ‘Address’-type maps. It adds a path between your current location and the target address.
  3. Search Radius and Default Location: only applies to ‘Place’-type Maps. Search radius (in meters) defines how far away from your current location to look for McDonald’s. The search radius requires a center to search from. It will be the user’s location if the Map can detect it (more about that soon) or the default location if it cannot.
  4. Replace Icon and Restore Default Pins: If you click the pins’ images (or the links next to them), you can replace them, and the ‘Restore Default Pins’ button undoes the change. Please note that the pins’ images are never scaled, so they need to be of a reasonable size.
  5. The Map Itself: is only for preview purposes. The options provided by Google, such as ‘Zoom, and the Map/Satellite toggle, are not saved to the Map.


Detecting Locations

When you’re on the computer, it can estimate your location but it tends to be a very bad estimate. That hardly matters, though, because this feature is primarily used on devices where the location can be determined by GPS. Either way, the user needs to give permission to use his or her location; we cannot send it to the Map unless the user permits it.


Note that the Map is not fully displayed in edit mode. To see it properly, start Preview Mode.


To see this widget in action:

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