The Locator is a widget from the location family that includes Map and Distance.

The Locator’s main goal is to allow a simple and easy-to-use widget with many features already built in.

Locator Configuration


Unit System

Display distances from a store by the metric or imperial system.


CSV Input

An example for a CSV blank file can be found here.

Note 1: Coordinates and Label are mandatory.

Note 2: Coordinates format is lat, long

with a comma between them. for example, the coordinates of our Tel Aviv office: 32.0718027,34.7868348.

Note 3: All other CSV fields are optional. The information added will appear in the ‘Store View’ screen. Filling some of the fields and not all is accepted.

Note 4: Locator widget supports only CSV format.

Tip: How to get a location coordinates from Google Maps can be explained here.

Note 5: for errors in the CSV file please look at the alerts panel  Screenshot from 2019-01-13 16-58-37 and click on the “invalid locations” link for details.
Screenshot from 2019-01-13 16-55-46


My Location

A pin to represent the device location.



A pin to represent the brand stores.



As the Locator has an internal creative, it can be changed to a light or dark skin. It will effect the top bar and the CSS of its menus.


Locator User Interface

By default the Locator shows locations that are near your location. It can be changed by clicking on the search Icon as will be explained below.


Map View

locator UI 2

‘Map View’ will show your location Pin and the store Pin.

Please note that the Creative Factory will not re-size your pin images so please upload them in the appropriate size.


Locator Search

location search

Near Me: Locations that are near to my location.

Zip Code: As expected, the Locator will show locations near a Zip Code location. In the event that the widget will nor recognize the Zip Code a message will appear to the user.

All Locations: As expected, it will show all locations.


List View

list view

A scrollable list with up to 50 locations.  For each location there is a distance and and ability to get more details. The Distance is calculated by the unit system selected in the Creative Factory. Once clicking on a list item the ‘Store View’ opens up.


Store View

locator store view

The ‘Store View’ presents items from the uploaded CSV file. Phone numbers and URLs are clickable.

Going back to the ‘List View’ is available on the top bar; Clicking on the location icon will go to ‘Map View’ of the specific location.


No Location Detected

In some cases the device location is unknown. This is mainly due to the device settings as they are customized by each individual user. In the event that there is no available location the Locator will still work. Expected behavior: ‘Near Me’ is disabled. ‘Zip Code’ is still available. ‘Map View’ showing all locations is visible as well.



cluster red

The Clusters’ colors are based on the number of markers in the area:

Blue 2<>10

Yellow 10 <> 100

Red 100 <> 1,000

Pink 1,000 <> 10,000

Purple >10,000

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