In this tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to set up a lead generation form in the Creative Factory. The main constituents of it are Fields, Checkboxes, and a Submit function. While showing how to install these, we will give you useful tips.

Basic Quiz

Which properties does a Field widget offer?

Three different types: Text, Email, and Phone, for being sent to an email address of your choice. The Email and Phone properties can be set to be required or verified. A message for the error alert can be typed in, in case the user tries to submit a form that has mistakes. A placeholder message for each of the fields is optional.

Which are the properties that can be set for a Checkbox?

Next to uploading an image to it, the Checkbox has the triggers ‘On Checked’, and ‘On Unchecked’ for causing all kinds of actions.

Which information are submitted to my email address?

The Submit function resembles a “send form” button that sends all the Fields and Checkboxes on the page as a single lead. Apart from your email address, the lead info appears also in the Campaign Manager.

Advanced Quiz

How to make checking the Checkbox a prerequisite for submitting a Form?

You place a transparent visual widget over the Submit widget. On the Preferences Panel of the Checkbox widget, you navigate the Visual to disappear when the trigger ‘On Checked’ is carried out in the Checkbox. Thus, the Submit function gets uncovered.


Can you create the following ad?

Create a lead generation form for the user to receive a coupon. It shall include two fields with each containing a placeholder. First, an optional field shall ask the user to type his or her name into it. Second, a mandatory field shall ask for the email address. The email address shall get validated. An error alert shall pop up in case an email has not been entered or has been entered incorrectly. The form should furthermore provide an option to subscribe for a newsletter. All these information shall be sent to your email address once submitted.

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