Layer Panel allows for:

  1. Reordering widgets layers. Please note that the top layer is the upper one.
  2. Hiding a widget in editing mode by clicking on the eye. Please note that the resource will be available in the actual ad. This is an editing feature only.
  3. Locking widget X, Y and widget hight by clicking on the lock.
  4. Renaming a widget by clicking on its given name.
  5. Selecting multiple widgets by clicking on them while clicking on SHIFT in the keyboard. Tip: When selecting multiple widgets, you can also select the Canvas itself. While the page / canvas will not appear on the Layers Panel, it will allow alignment and distribution features to align to.
  6. Delete a widget.
  7. Link selected object size –Screenshot from 2019-01-13 17-20-07  – locked – when resizing the selected widget (during editing in the Creative Factory) each of its locked sons will be resized as well, Screenshot from 2019-01-13 17-21-34 – unlocked – won’t be resized when the selected widget is resized.

Screenshot from 2019-01-13 17-16-17


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