The Interactive Video widget is an extension to Video Strip widget.

Working with the Interactive Video widget has multiple stages.

1. Dragging it onto the Canvas and uploading an MP4 video into it. Convert the video according to your preferred parameters.


Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 1.55.34 PM

2. Preview your work. When you press ‘Preview’, you will notice that above the device there is a running number. It represents frame numbers. Write down the frame numbers you want to start and end you animation with.

3. Configuring a new Trigger. After writing down the frame numbers, go back to the editing mode. In the Preferences Panel of the Interactive Video widget, find the trigger: ‘On Frame’.

When selecting the ‘On Frame’ trigger, you need to add to it a frame number. Once done, you can activate ALL interaction activities like you do for all widgets.

Please note that you can add multiple ‘On Frame’ triggers.

4. Suspend / Resume the strip. In many scenarios you want to pause and resume the video later based on the user interactions. This can be done by selecting the Operate action and selecting ‘Suspend’ or ‘Resume’.

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