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The InCube is a 3D Gyro-based widget which creates a 360°experience inside a cube. The user controls the viewing direction by tilting their device or dragging their fingertips along the screen.


How to set up the InCube

Faces: You can access the different faces of the InCube through the Layers Panel under the InCube layer. Since each of the faces is a Smart Group, you can place almost any widget inside it. Here is how it’s done:

  1. To add widgets to the faces, drag and drop them directly into the relevant face on the Canvas.
  2. To rearrange widgets across faces, enter the Layers Panel and drag their layer under the face of your choice.
  3. Note, the front face of the InCube is the one facing the user once they load the ad.

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360° icon: By default, a 360° icon will be displayed at the right side of the InCube within the ad in order to guide the user. 

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If you would like to remove or customize it, mark the InCube in the Layers Panel and access the Preferences Panel of the InCube. There,

  1. Uncheck the 360°icon checkbox to remove it.
  2. Or upload your own custom icon instead.

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Actions and Triggers

On Face: Further down the Preferences Panel, you will find the “On Face” event. This allows you to trigger actions the moment the InCube displays a particular face. You can choose to trigger any of the actions available for all of the basic widgets in the studio.

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