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The Hypercube is a 3D, cube-shaped Gallery widget.

To move the cube from one face to another, the user needs to swipe over the cube. The direction of the swipe determines the direction the cube spins. Note that the cube will land on the closest face following the spin.

To set up the cube, utilize the Preference Panel.



Entrance Effect: On the page’s entry, the cube spins and lands on the first image in the list. You may set the number of spins, and their speed.

Snap to Face: You may determine the speed of the movement between faces.




Upload: The cube takes up to 6 images. When uploading more than six images, the redundant images will be ignored. When uploading less than 6 images, some images will appear on more than one face.

On Click options: Like other multi-images widgets, each face has a separate ‘On Click’ event. You can set the clicks to trigger different actions – ‘Open URL’, ‘Hide ad’ and ‘Show page’.



Edit: In editing mode, the widget’s borders are wider than the images themselves. When spinning, the cube exceeds the image’s borders due to the 3D effect. The margins prevent the cube from cutting at the edges during its movement. Please note that the whole area, including the margins, is clickable – given that the images were set to be clickable.




The Hypercube has two different events which can trigger an action.

On spin end: The action will occur once the spin on the entrance effect ends.

On snap: The action will occur once the movement from one frame to another was completed.

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