What needs to be done to create a justAd ad? What are the options and which capabilities does the justAd platform provide?
This mandatory tutorial places justAd in the right context of the digital ad tech value chain.

Basic Quiz

Which are the main components of the justAd platform?

Campaign Manager with its Dashboard, Tag Generator, and Reporting Services; Creative Factory; and eyeMagnet.

How do I enter the Creative Factory to create my first ad?

For starting to use the justAd platform, you need to receive an invite. Once registered to the system, you enter the Campaign Manager with its Dashboard. After creating a brand and a campaign there, you can create an ad. You will be redirected to the Creative Factory, where you decide on the ad settings. After confirming, you are ready to design your first ad.  

Once I have finished my design in the Creative Factory, how do I proceed?

You go back to the Campaign Manager to save and publish your ad. ‘Publish’ means that the ad is ready to go live and is uploaded to a CDN. This can be carried out by using the upper right panel of the Creative Factory.

Advanced Quiz

How do I get a tag of my published ad and traffic it?

Simply by clicking the Tag Instructions page. Here, you can generate the relevant ad tag. Then you take the tag, add macro’s and pixels as needed, and traffic the ad.

Where can I see the reports on my ad / campaign / brand performance?

In the relevant pages of the Campaign Manager.

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