Logging Into the Dashboard

>> To log into the CM, go to https://studio.glispaconnect.com

The CM login page
The CM login page

Tip: If you have an ad blocker active on your browser, be sure to allow ads on the glispaconnect.com domain. Many features will not work properly with an active ad blocker.

Navigation in the Dashboard

After you log in, the CM opens on the dashboard, giving you a summary of your ads’ performance results. We’ll go through those results later. For now, let’s review the general controls offered by the interface.

The Main Navigation

The interface’s main navigation is to the left of the interface. Depending on your screen size, it is either laid out or collapsed into the Menu button.

Laid out
Laid out

From the Menu button
From the Menu button

The menu offers the following options:

  1. Easy EasyIcon: this feature is not yet available.
  2. Templates TemplatesIcon: takes you to the Templates page.
  3. Samples SamplesIcon: takes you to the Samples page.
  4. Knowledge KnowledgeIcon: takes you to the knowledge base section of our website (opens in a new tab).
  5. Dashboard DashboardIcon: a takes you back to the dashboard.
  6. Shortcuts: a collapsible menu taking you to:
    1. The Brands page.
    2. The Campaigns page.
    3. The Ads page.
    4. The Variations page.
  7. Calendar: please see the Calendar page.
Tip: To hide the main navigation when you’re not using it, you can click the arrow button CloseNavigation. The menu will collapse to the side of the page and will display only three icons; see more options by hovering over these icons. Click the arrow button a second time to expend the menu.

The collapsed menu

The User Menu

The user menu on the top of the interface provides two options:

  1. Profile: takes you to the Profile page.
  2. Logout: logs you out of the MC.

The Profile menu
The Profile menu

The Configurations Menu

The configurations menu to the right of the interface is reached by clicking the screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-1-11-25-pm button.

The menu offers the following options:

  1. Choose Skin: changes the interface’s colors.
  2. Designer Mode: adjusts the interface to provide more action short cuts, taking over the space normally reserved for performance results.





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