Entering Game Zone

In the navigation menu of the Campaign Manager, click the Game Zone icon to enter the Game Zone gallery.


Here, choose a game template. When hovering over one, you can:

  1. See a Preview of the game
  2. Create an ad from the game template in the Creative Factory

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.53.21 AM


Game Template

A game template in the Creative Factory is a ready ad with widgets that have been configured. While the core logic components of the ad are fixed, you are strongly encouraged to alter the looks and add behaviors to single widgets as you please.


Ad Components

For an overview of all the ad components, find a list of all widgets in the Layers PanelThe main purpose of the game template is to personalize it. All ready-made widgets that appear on the device accept new images or colors, triggers and actions.

You can copy and paste the game and its widgets to any ad you want. Please note that some of widgets’ names are hardcoded in the game, so please make sure the widget’s name isn’t changing.


Game Engine

Widgets labeled ‘Game Engine’ incorporate a locked JavaScript code that runs the core logic of the game. Like its additional label ‘Do Not Touch’ indicates, better not delete the widget in order to guarantee the functioning of the game.


Standard Ad Components

Background: a color is set that can be changed.

Logo: replace the model logo by uploading your own.

Close Button: is already configured to hide the ad when being pressed. Feel free to make changes.

As for further individualization, the ad behaves like a regular ad of the Creative Factory, and can be enriched with further widgets you drag onto the ad, and more pages you can add.

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