Can I view the actual ad from the Ad Trafficking screen?

Yes. Clicking the ad name in the ad information table, will lead you to the Ad Preview.

How can I target different ads based on screen size?

You can modify the ad tag to dynamically choose which ad is being served. For example, if you wish to serve ad id 111111 to iPhone 4 devices and ad id 222222 to iPhone 5 devices you would modify the ad tag to detect whether the available screen height is less than 481px (i.e., iPhone 4). If the screen height is less than 481px, ad id 111111 will be served. For all other cases, ad id 222222 will be served.

To implement the above, the tag should be modified as follows:

Optimized ad tag:

replace the following:

var combinedMediaUrl = ‘’;



var combinedMediaUrl = (screen.availHeight<481)?

   ‘’:  /* iPhone 4 ad */

        ‘’;/* Other devices*/


Non Optimized ad tag:

replace the following:

var url = “”;



var url = (screen.availHeight<481)?

   ‘http://media.justad.mobiselect/111111’:  /* iPhone 4 ad */

        ‘’;  /* Other devices*/


Please feel free to contact our Customer Care team at with any requests or questions – they’ll be more than happy to assist.

Where can I see the ad format?

The ad format appears under the ad column of the ad information table. You can also view the ad dimensions in the settings column.

What is the difference between a regular tag to an optimized tag?

The functionality of the ad and its behavior is identical for both ad tags. The optimized version of our tags reduces ad download time significantly (makes the ad appear faster). We recommend to start using these tags as soon as you make sure it works fine on your platform. Currently both the non-optimized tags and optimized tags are available. In the future, non-optimized tags will become obsolete.

What is the difference between HTML and MRAID?

MRAID, or “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” defines a common API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps. MRAID ad tags should be used when serving the ad to mobile applications. HTML ad tags should be used when serving the ad to mobile web sites.

In the In-App method, I can’t find the trafficking platform (ad server) I’m using – what does it mean?

If your ad server does not appear as one of the trafficking platforms, it means that your ad server does not require a specific ad tag. In this case, you should set “Generic MRAID” as the trafficking platform. Please note that if your Ad Server does not yet support MRAID you should set “Generic ORMMA” as the trafficking platform. We recommend contacting us in order to verify that your ad server is supported by our platform.

Can I embed a VAST video ad into a rich-media ad?

Yes. Please contact us by email for detailed instructions.

How do I make the mobile web browser toolbar disappear in the Landing Page?

In order to make the toolbar disappear, you should add the line window.justAdHideBar=true; to the ad tag (see examples below).

Please note that this functionality is not supported on Apple iOS7.


Optimized Tags

Add the line just before var adConfig =…, so your add tag should contain:


var adConfig = {

   clickurl : …



Non-Optimized Tags

Add the line just before var options =…. So you’re add tag should contain:


var options = { … };

Can I publish or re-publish an ad from the Ad Trafficking page?

No. Editing of the ad should be done via the Ad Management Dashboard. Please visit the Ad Management section on our Knowledge Base for more information.

Can I edit my Google Analytics settings from the Ad Trafficking page?

The Google Analytics ID (i.e. UA-9999999-3) can be set while editing the ad in the Creative Factory, but cannot be edited from the Ad Trafficking page. Please refer to this section for more information.

Creative Factory: Best Practices

What are the best practices for using Creative Factory

  • Saving: Creative Factory doesn’t do auto-save yet (on our roadmap), so please save as often as you can, don’t be shy.

  • Test: Test your ad before publishing it, to make sure it behaves the way you intended and looks good on different devices. You might find that something is too small to be clearly visible, for example.

  • Scale: The background image is scaled to maximum (cover) and so we recommend you scale the ad itself to minimum (contain) and know that the ad will still hide the content behind it while being fully visible.

  • Ad dimensions and orientation cannot be changed so verify your requirements before starting the design process.

  • Variations: Creative Factory supports variations (multiple versions of the same ad) using a single Smart Tag. We recommend to create more than one variation for an ad at the start of your campaign. As statistics start to come in, you will be able to identify the most appealing variation and remove the others.

  • To increase engagement from users, we recommend adding a link to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • To make editing easier, make sure you give all Widgets and Pages clear names.

  • Ad Size (Kb): We recommend you limit the size of a banner to 150Kb and a rich-media ad to 600Kb. At the very least, make sure that the first part is small so that it will download quickly. You might think that a heavier ad (with better images and more widgets) will be more likely to grab the user’s attention, but a heavy ad might not be downloaded at all due to its size and you will lose valuable impressions. Here are a few tips to help you keep ad size down:

    • Try to use texts instead of images, if you have the relevant font

    • If possible, use the same image several times instead of several different images once. The former method means your image will be downloaded only once

    • Try to avoid animated GIFs
  • When possible, use engaging and different Widgets such as Scratch.

  • Leverage Location by pointing users to a nearby venue or special offer.

  • Use Forms to generate leads to your product or service.

  • See full Statistics and Reporting for your ads, including views and interactions

  • A/B test your ads to improve conversion

  • Consider using pre-roll ads when available.