eyeMagnet is a new signature product from justAd.
eyeMagnet reuses static assets you have or videos you have and automatically transforms them into animated ad units.

Getting started:

1) Click on the eyeMagnet icon from the top left bar.




2) You will be redirected to the eyeMagnet page:














3) Once you fill in the fields of the wizard, you will need to associate the ad with a campaign. Please note that eyeMagent requires only a campaign as an ad folder. There is no need to create a dedicated Brand. In the Campaign Manager all campaigns will be running under a pre-defined ‘eyeMagnet’ Brand.

If you already have a campaign under your eyeMagnet Brand, you can choose it from the wizard. Alternatively, click on the select campaign and create a new campaign simply by entering its name. The new campaign will be accessible under your eyeMagnet Brand.




4) Clicking on the Submit is equivalent to clicking Publish in the Ad Studio. It means that your ad is moving to the CDN and is ready to go live.

5) What next? Follow the simple UI to decide what to do next, get the tag, create more ads etc.










Important note #1:

Finding your eyeMagnet ads is easy as they appear in the regular justAd Campaign Manager. They all appear under an eyeMagnet Brand.

Important note #2:

As the eyeMagnet business model is different from the Ad Studio business model, eyeMagnet is not open by default to all users. If you would like to access the eyeMagnet feature as part of your account settings, please contact your justAd contact person.

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