This tutorial demonstrates how the eyeMagnet reuses static assets or videos you have, and automatically transforms them into animated ad units. By going through the few and easy steps to spice up a static banner with the eyeMagnet, the video shows you that absolutely anyone can create rich media.

Basic Quiz

How to enter the eyeMagnet?

Through clicking on the relevant icon on the top left bar next to the Campaign Manager.

What are the assets I can upload exactly?

Images as well as MP4.

Advanced Quiz

So I publish my ad under a campaign, not a brand?

Exactly. First of all, submitting, here, means publishing. eyeMagnet requires only a campaign as an ad folder. There is no need to create a dedicated Brand. In the Campaign Manager, all campaigns will be running under a pre-defined ‘eyeMagnet’ Brand.

It is easy to select an existing campaign for my ad to submit. But how do I create a new campaign?

Click on the ‘Select campaign’ in the eyeMagnet and create a new campaign simply by entering its name. The new campaign will be accessible under your eyeMagnet brand.


You will shine at the first try of creating your ad.

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