There are three types of effects that don’t require any sort of trigger:


  1. Page Entry Effects: sets an effect the whole page (but not its background image) performs on entry. Note that the 3D effects don’t work on older devices; in that case, the effect is replaced by an effect that can be performed on the device.
  2. Transparency: for a Page or a Widget. This is a static characteristic – currently you cannot control the transparency by any trigger in the ad.
  3. Initial Rotation: this effect is not available for all widgets. Please note that the widget’s rotation is actually an illusion – the widget is still in its original rotation; in the image below, you can see that the widget’s controls are still a regular square, while the image inside it is rotated 78 degrees. This is important in terms of blocking other widgets (for example, hiding their tap areas) and in the case of the Gyro/Drifter/Wall Widgets, as it affects movement.

effects that don't require triggers 2

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