This tutorial is important for Media, Account Management, Sales, and Ad Ops professionals. Data is a available in heat maps, csv reports, and various dashboards. All of them will be covered in this tutorial.

Basic Quiz

Can I share a heat map with my customer?

Yes. You can open the heat map in a new tap and send the URL out. It is open and will not require a username and password.

Can I get data of multiple ads in the same place?

Yes, if they are associated with the same campaign or brand, simply go to the relevant page for your data.

Advanced Quiz

Can I add tracking to specific activities in the ad?

Yes. You simply go to the Ad Studio and select an action under advance called Internal Tracker. Once you name it, the data will appear in the ad CSV.

Is it important to select a time zone?

Yes it is if you are looking for specific discrepancies. For a general view, it is not required.


Create an ad with five pages, and allow the user to navigate them left to right. Create a unique pixel for each user activity.

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