The Counter widget progresses up or down between two numbers of your choice. It can progress automatically or in response to a user actionWhen the Counter reaches its target, it can perform an action.


The counter’s auto-count step is always plus or minus one (depending on your From and To). If you don’t want to use the auto-count, then you need to change the counter via the ‘Change Counter’ action from the counter or from another widget, on one of the triggers. You can then set it up to be any number you like, rather than just 1 (although that’s the default). You can set a negative, too. Here is an example of the ‘Change Counter’ action on a ‘Tap’ trigger belonging to a Visual widget on the page:


! Note that the auto-count works when the counter is invisible (for example before fading in), so when you set the counter’s initial value, you need to take into account the time the counter is invisible.

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