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The Preview offers four main controls:

Ad Controls

  1. Play / Pause: pausing the Preview will stop all actions without returning you to edit mode.
  2. Stop: stopping the Preview will stop all actions and brings you back to edit mode.

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Device Controls

  1. Shake: for the Shake trigger.
  2. Orientation: landscape and portrait orientation for the device in case the Responsive mode has been activated.
  3. Tilt & Gyro: are one and the same action – a tilt of the device – used for the Tilt Triggers or the Gyro Widget.
  4. Zoom: zoom action for Scrollable and Text widgets can be simulated with the mouse-wheel when the mouse is over the relevant widget.

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! Note: Device controls initiate a simulation of the screen resolution only, not the device’s other characteristics (that is, if the device has limitations like no-gyro support, the preview will not know this).


Banner Scale Policy

  1. Canvas: black, white, clear or acme.
  2. Size: small, medium, big.

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Dynamic Content

  1. Location: Simulate a device location by entering an address or lat/long data.

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! Note: Since the canvas, device and orientation definitions for preview are saved to the ad (so that you don’t have to re-select them the next time you work on the ad), changing these parameters triggers the Save flag.

! Note: If you send a Share link to someone, they will see your Preview preferences (such as the selected background image).

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