The Checkbox is a widget for making binary choices: Checked and unchecked. As a common component of a form within an ad, it can indicate an agreement the user can make. In the Creative Factory, you can select the Checkbox widget from the Widgets Panel.


To control its design and functions, go to the Preferences Panel. Here, select a background and a check mark. In either case, there are suggested design resources available. Of course, you can also import your own resources here.


You can determine the initial state of the Checkbox. There is the option to change it into an already checked state by clicking ‘Default checked’.


The Checkbox comes with two special user determined triggers. If you aim to prompt an action in your ad when the user clicks the Checkbox, then implement the ‘On Checked’ trigger. Similarly, clicking away the check mark may enable the usual actions. The trigger for that is ‘On Unchecked’.


Note that the state of the Checkbox is automatically reported to you along with other data from your ad form, when being submitted by the user.

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