This tutorial is important for all user types: Designers, Media, Account Management, Sales, and Ad Ops Professionals. All activities in the justAd platform have some connection to the Campaign Management.

Basic Quiz

What is the difference between an ad variation, brand, and a campaign?

A variation is the way to a/b test an ad; an ad is part of a campaign. A campaign is part of a brand.

What is 'Publish'?

Moving a ready ad to the CDN for trafficking. Once published, a tag can be generated.

Advanced Quiz

What are 'Live' and 'Idle' indicators for ads?

Live is an ad with more than 1,000 impressions in the last 24 hours. Idle is an ad that was live but right now isn’t. These tags are information only. You cannot configure a live ad or a pause ad. They only represent the actual status of the ad.

What is 'Calendar View' and how can you configure it?

‘Calendar View’ is generated from the campaigns you selected. It is a nice way to keep track on your activities.


Can you create the following ad?

Create an ad with three variations for a mockup campaign in a fake ad.

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