The Calendar action generates a calendar entry that can be added to the user’s Calendar app. It can be performed via a widget’s On Tap trigger, from any widget that supports that trigger.

To add a Calendar  action, select your widget, and in the Events & Actions Section of the Preferences Panel select On Tap>Select Action>Advanced> Calendar.

The Calendar has standard event parameters. To set these, in the Preferences Panel, click Properties.

1. Enter a subject; This will appear in the Calendar as the name of the event.

2. Enter a location.

3. Enter an e-mail for questions.

4. Select the event start date and hour. Please note that the system will not allow selecting past dates. The timezone is determined by your computer’s time.

5. Select the time zone.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.00.00


There are different behaviors between in iOS and Android devices. The Calendar action can work in both in-app and mobile web environments.

Note: Calendar does not work on all Android devices. Nexus devices for example without a 3rd party calendar app will not work.



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