• Saving: Creative Factory doesn’t do auto-save yet (on our roadmap), so please save as often as you can, don’t be shy.

  • Test: Test your ad before publishing it, to make sure it behaves the way you intended and looks good on different devices. You might find that something is too small to be clearly visible, for example.

  • Scale: The background image is scaled to maximum (cover) and so we recommend you scale the ad itself to minimum (contain) and know that the ad will still hide the content behind it while being fully visible.

  • Ad dimensions and orientation cannot be changed so verify your requirements before starting the design process.

  • Variations: Creative Factory supports variations (multiple versions of the same ad) using a single Smart Tag. We recommend to create more than one variation for an ad at the start of your campaign. As statistics start to come in, you will be able to identify the most appealing variation and remove the others.

  • To increase engagement from users, we recommend adding a link to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • To make editing easier, make sure you give all Widgets and Pages clear names.

  • Ad Size (Kb): We recommend you limit the size of a banner to 150Kb and a rich-media ad to 600Kb. At the very least, make sure that the first part is small so that it will download quickly. You might think that a heavier ad (with better images and more widgets) will be more likely to grab the user’s attention, but a heavy ad might not be downloaded at all due to its size and you will lose valuable impressions. Here are a few tips to help you keep ad size down:

    • Try to use texts instead of images, if you have the relevant font

    • If possible, use the same image several times instead of several different images once. The former method means your image will be downloaded only once

    • Try to avoid animated GIFs
  • When possible, use engaging and different Widgets, such as Jigsaw or Scratch.

  • Leverage Location by pointing users to a Nearby Venue or special offer.

  • Use Forms to generate leads to your product or service.

  • See full Statistics and Reporting for your ads, including views and interactions.

  • A/B test your ads to improve conversion.

  • Consider using pre-roll ads when available.

  • Device Screen Sizes: A comprehensive review of popular devices can be found here. Look for CSS data.


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