Benchmarks (Beta) indicate how your ads are performing relative to others.

You can access the benchmarks of your ad performance via the ad page. Click beneath the listed reporting data.


The Benchmark page opens, in which you can compare your ad results to others.



What is measured?

Indicators and Units

Your ad performance is measured regarding its CTR, Engagement Rate, Navigation Rate, and Video Completion Rate. Those indicators are compared to the following units:

  1. Campaign: compare ad results to the current campaign results. If in a campaign there are less than three live / pause ads, the section will be grayed out.
  2. Format: compare ad results to all other ads in the same ad format. The ad format is defined in the ad setup.
  3. Industry: compare ad results to all other ads of the same industry. The industry is defined in the campaign setup.
  4. General: compare ad results to all other ads in the platform.


What is presented?

Your ad performance & Median ad performance

Each barometer shows:

  1. Your ad performance: in numerical values above the barometer
  2. The weighted median ad performance: in numerical values in the center
  3. Your ad’s relative performance: based on the direction the needle points to your ad and shifts away from the weighted median in the center



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