1. Play Audio

2. Track URL: send information to a third party. Use GET unless you know for a fact that you need to use POST.

3. Internal Tracker

4. Execute JS: executes any legal JavaScript you enter.

5. Loop: a loop simply defines how many times to repeat an action or a series of actions. You can choose ‘Forever’ or you can define a number of times to repeat (the ‘Times’ box is not selectable until you uncheck the ‘Forever’ box). Please note that the ‘Wait’ definition of the loop itself (as opposed to its actions) applies only to the first iteration.

6. Condition: code-entry action. You can check the state of other widgets and if the Condition is TRUE the attached action will be executed. The format is as follows:

if (justAdWidgets(“__widgetName”).toString()>__value){return true;} else return false;

For example, if you want the Condition to be “if the counter is larger than 10”, it will be if (justAdWidgets(“Counter”).toString()>10):

advanced actions condition

Note that you can check the state of widgets on another page, as well, using pageName.widgetName, but since they’re re-set when you move page, their state will always be their default state.

7. Store Image

8. Calendar 

9. Camera Twitter Share: sends the ad, with editable title and text, and a non-editable thumbnail to Twitter’s Share.

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