Creative Factory supports the basic ad units: banners, expandable banners, and interstitials. In addition, we support the special ad units: hovers and Interactive videos as well as mobile landing pages; and advanced IAB Rising Stars units. You can also create your own ad unit.

Generic Ad Units

  1. Banner: an ad unit that appears on a certain part of the screen, next to the app’s or web page’s content.
  2. Expandable Banner: an ad unit that has two stages. By default, stage 1’s dimensions are smaller than stage 2’s dimension, although this can be changed. Also by default, a Close button (‘X’) on stage 2 leads back to stage 1 rather than closing the ad.
  3. Interstitial:an ad unit that is displayed before or after an expected content page. By default, the Interstitial ad unit is full-screen. Some interstitial ad units comes with a pre define X button and generally an Interstitial is time sensitive.
  4. Dual-Stage: the dual-stage ad units are sub-types of the ad units in the Creative Factory. There are two dual-stage ad units: the Dual Stage Interstitial and the Dual Stage Hover.The ad units have two stages like an expandable banner, but their default dimensions are identical for both stages.

Advanced Ad Units

  1. Hover: An ad unit presented above the content of the app or web-page, and appears to be floating on top of it. The content beneath the ad is still accessible to the user and fully interactive.
  2. Interactive Video: The interactive video is a full-page ad, with a video as a background. User interaction with the ad pauses the background video. Please note that the background video cannot be a YouTube video. A YouTube video can only be added with the Video Widget.
  3. IAB Rising Stars: The Creative Factory supports all of the IAB Rising Stars ad units.
  4. Bespoke: If you want to create a new ad unit, you are more than welcome to do so. Contact our Customer Care team for more information.

Landing Page

An ad unit whose dimensions can be bigger than the screen, and it can be scrolled on the device. The landing page receives a URL and not an ad-tag.


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