An essential session for designers who envision to implement a video into their ad and seek suitable assets. This tutorial covers all of the video related constraints and options. A quick review of all widgets with many different tips and advices.

Basic Quiz

What is a Native Video widget?

The Native Video widget enables you to screen a YouTube video or in-line video hosted on a server within the ad in the original video¬†quality with no further compressions and conversions. In-line videos come with special capabilities such as ‘Poster’, ‘Control’, ‘Loop’, and ‘Autoplay’, while YouTube videos are limited to actions ‘On Video End”.

What is a Video Player widget?

With the Video Player widget uses our proprietary video technology, which is displayed in a condensed size, while remaining a high quality. The controls are similar to the ones of the Native Video, with a major advantage of providing an option to work on frame (interfering with the video).

What is a Video Strip widget?

It displays a video based on an uploaded MP4 file and a transformed set of image strips. The range of engaging activities and triggers are similar to those of the Video Player widget, especially allowing you to interact during the video, since it uses image strip or CSS SPRITE technologies. Therefore, it can work on legacy devices.

Advanced Quiz

What widget to use for mobile web and in-app?

The best widget is the Video Player, as it uses proprietary technology to work anywhere.

Can I get video quartiles data if I play a YouTube video?

Yes. Video quartiles are available in all three widgets


Can you create the following ad?

A video that autostarts. When reaching the middle of the video, it pauses. An overlay appears asking the viewer: Do you want to continue or see a different video? If the user decides to continue, the video proceeds in a loop. If not, a Youtube movie starts. The ad should work in in-app and mobile web.

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