In this tutorial you will get a glimpse of the various actions and triggers the Creative Factory has to offer – the very components of the ad that spark and carry out animations, operations, and navigations. You will find out about their different types and how to access and use them by means of examples.

Basic Quiz

What kinds of actions can I use in my ad?

Actions are bundled in groups. The most frequently used actions are ‘Show Page’ and ‘Hide Ad’. Other actions are grouped as follows: Animations, Navigations, Operations, and Advanced Actions.

What kinds of triggers are there to be used in the Creative Factory?

First, triggers on user interaction such as ‘On Tap’, ‘On Touch’, and ‘Long Press’ are available for the majority of widgets. Second, numerous special triggers that come with the individual widgets like ‘On Video End’ or ‘On Frame’ for Video Player widgets. Last, page triggers such as ‘On Page Entry’, ‘On Shake’, ‘On Tilt’ or ‘Untilt’, and ‘On Error’.

Advanced Quiz

How do I let several actions happen at once / one after another / one after another with a certain time break?

By considering the timing controls within the window of the specific action chosen: (1) ‘Sequential’: default timing of effects and actions. They happen one after another, in the order listed for the trigger. “One after the other” is calculated from the end of an effect. (2) ‘With Previous’: this means that two effects will happen at once. You can’t use this for effects that are opposites. (3) ‘Wait’: period of time between either the trigger or the previous effect (if there is a previous effect on the same trigger) to wait before performing the new effect. (4) ‘Duration’: is a timing definition given to some effects (not all). (5) ‘Wait for First Frame’: For widgets with inherent movement such as Animation Strip.


Can you create the following ad?

Create a responsive ad. In portrait mode, create a Gallery of three images and a button beneath. When tapping on the button, slide two of the Gallery appears. The Gallery should appear by fading in three seconds after the ad started, and if not touched after 15 seconds, it flies out to the right. On landscape mode, create your name in a Text widget and animate the letters coming in and out.

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