The tutorial revolves around building games in the justAd Studio. You will get to know a few types of games and how to create them by using relevant widgets. An important aspect hereby is to establish connections between widgets. In this session, the focus is on creating these connections on click in the justAd Studio.

Basic Quiz

What is a Drifter widget?

A visual that can bounce around on the screen, the direction and pace of which can be configured in the left-hand panel of the widget’s settings. The Drifter changes direction when hitting another Drifter, the edges of the Canvas, or a Wall.

What is a Gyro widget?

A visual that moves around the canvas by reacting to the device gyroscope. It changes direction when it hits another Gyro, Drifter, the edges of the Canvas or a Wall. The Gyro has two interactions: ‘Target’ and ‘Collide’.

What is a Jigsaw widget?

A puzzle from any image. You can define the number of pieces, the type of Jigsaw (‘Drop’ or ‘Over’) and an action to perform when the user completes the Jigsaw.

What is a Scratch widget?

An image that the user can scratch to reveal what is beneath, or for a specific action that occurs when the Scratch is completed.

Advanced Quiz

How to let an effect occur as soon as a game is over or won?

Either by choosing an effect the ‘On Completion’ trigger has to offer in the widget settings, if this option is available; or by installing an invisible Counter. In the ‘Events and Actions’ settings of another visual widget of the game, activate the ‘Change Counter’ action of a trigger, and choose the Counter in the ‘On Widget’ section. Set a certain number by which the Counter shall be changed.


Can you create the following ad?

Create a Pac-Man. Build a maze with various paths. Have the paths laid out with small dots. These shall get eaten by Pac-Man, who moves according to the way the user tilts his or her mobile device. Four enemies shall move back and forth within the maze. If they collide with Pac-Man, the Game is over. Once Pac-Man ate all the dots, the game is won, and the user gets navigated to another page.

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