The Settings pop-up automatically opens when you create a new ad. It can also be reached via the the top navigation bar or right-click.

Let’s go over the fields one by one.



The above image is for Expandable Banner. Single stage ad units like Banner or Interstitial will have only the banner area.

Banner is the first Stage and the Expand Stage is represented by the Screen area.

You can select a predefined option from the list, or select the Custom option from the bottom of the list. That option will give you access to the width and height fields so you can manually edit them.


Screen / Banner Scale Policy

  • None: means that there is no scale policy. The ad will always appear in the size of the canvas, and if the screen is too small, some information will be hidden from the user.
  • Cover: maintain the aspect ratio of the images without taking into consideration the screen size. May result in ‘cutting’ some of the images in cases where the screen isn’t big enough.
  • Contain: maintain the aspect ration of the images while taking into consideration the screen size. May result in blank areas on the peripherals of the ad.

Suggested use case: While you can naturally use any of the above options in many cases combining a background image with ‘Contain’ scale policy provides the best results.


Screen Align Policy

Ad location in the event that the ad doesn’t take up the device’s screen.


Background Image

Is an image that will be in the background of the expand stage. You can use it in two ways.

Upload an image or select from a few predefined examples.

Popular use cases for Background image:

1) same image for multiple pages

2) a great way to make sure that the screen will not leave blank areas no matter what is the screen size.


Close Image

Gives you a list of suggested Close buttons, but you can also add your own, of course. Use the Clear link next to the field to remove the button from the ad.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 5.27.28 PM

! Note 1: the Close button on the expanded part of an expandable banner leads back to the banner. The Close button on all other formats closes the ad.

! Note 2: in several in In App environments there is no need to add a close button as the SDK can amend it. Close can be configured from the Instruction Page as well.



Please see the Responsive page.

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