Statistics generated for an ad or landing page can be downloaded as a CSV file and viewed as a spreadsheet.

CSV files can be generate from CampaignAd and Variations pages in the Campaign Manager. Each section covers all of the activities of its related entities so for example an ad CSV file will contain all of the variations data.


Each CSV file can be downloaded in hourly, daily, and detailed daily formats.


Available Information

Every line in the CSV indicates a time-frame – an hour or a day, depending on the report you generated. For each time-frame, the following information is presented:

  1. Viral: the number of viral impressions. Viral impressions are those generated by sharing the ad (via Facebooke, a link and so on).
  2. Served Impressions: the number of times the ad tag was executed. This statistics is reported before the ad resources are downloaded and before the ad impression is reported.
  3. Served Variation: for an ad with variations, counts the number of times this ad was selected as the variation to be served.
  4. Impression: the number of times an ad is loaded on devices.
  5. Started Impressionthe number of times an ad is displayed on devices
  6. Unique Impression: the number of impressions when counting only one visit per visitor. We count Unique Impressions by adding cookies to the ad tag. By default  this option is disabled. for more information please visit the Instruction Page
  7. First Interaction: the number of first interactions with the ad or page, such as a click, swipe or scratch.
  8. Time Spent:  this is calculated differently for different ad units:
    1. Hover, interstitial and landing pages: time from ad or page display until hidden.
    2. Expandable banner ad units: time from banner expand to banner collapse.

    Note that the CSV presents this information in milliseconds. Also please note that if the ad creative does not include a close button, Time Spent is not available

  9. Call Duration: average call duration in milliseconds. Measured as the time between the user’s ‘click to call’ action and his return to the ad.
  10. CTR: short for Click Through Rate. This gives, in percentage, the first clicks or interaction with the ad unit or page, divided by the number of impressions. Hide clicks (clicks that close the ad without leading away) are not counted.
  11. Navigation Rate: the number of final clicks or interactions with the ad unit leading to external action (i.e. Open URL, Click to Call, Open Facebook, etc…) divided by the number of started impressions, not counting hide clicks.
  12. Engagement Rate: number of interactions with the ad unit or page, divided by the number of first interactions. Hide clicks (clicks that close the ad) are not counted. This is an indication of the average engagement of users with the ad unit or page.
  13. Action Counters: for each entry, the number of times specific actions were performed is counted per action. The available actions are: open URL, call phone, send SMS, add to calendar, open map, Google search, download file, download app, open Facebook, open Twitter and send email.
  14. Video Counters: for each entry, the interactions with videos are counted per action. The available actions are: video started, video stopped, video completed, video first quartile, video midpoint and video third quartile.

Daily Detailed

Daily Detailed is an aggregated report on ad / campaign level. Data are similar to regular CSV data with a few more additions and granularities. The Daily Detailed report is a hybrid between regular CVS and the heat map.

  1. Page Impressions: per page total number of impressions.
  2. Page Interactions: per page number of total interactions.
  3. Video Widget Separation:
    1. Video aggregation per ad
    2. Separate video widget breakdown

Please note that in the event that a column contains only “0” values, it will not be shown in the Daily Detailed report. This is done to make sure the CSV remains readable.

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