Here are the timing options for Effects and Actions (always in seconds):


1. Sequential: this is the default timing of effects and actions. They happen one after the other, in the order listed for the trigger. ‘One after the other’ is calculated from the end of an effect, not its start, so that you need to include duration in your calculations when timing things. For example, on page entry, this widget will fly in, then fade out, then fade back in.


2. With Previous: this means that two effects will happen at once. You can’t use this for effects that are opposites – a widget can’t fly out and in at the same time. For example, on page entry, this widget will fade out while flying in, and then fade in. You can see that ‘With Previous’ is selected because the whole effect section is indented under its partner effect. ‘With Previous’ cannot be used for the first effect in a list, so it’s the second effect here that’s indented.


3. Wait: means the period of time between either the trigger or the previous effect (if there is a previous effect on the same trigger) to wait before performing the new effect. Note that ‘Wait’ and ‘With Previous’ contradict each other, so you shouldn’t select both at once. In this example, the widget will wait three seconds “outside of” the ad, then fly in, fade out and then fade back in.


4. Duration: duration is a timing definition given to some effects (not all). If you enter 0, it will be changed to 0.10. Note that although the duration slider is limited, you can enter any number you like in the text field.

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