Getting Started

justAd offering as part of the digital advertising value chain; Introduces the main building blocks of our offering

Campaign Management Basic

Provides a basic overview on the Campaign Manager module; It is the hub for all activities and data in our platform

Creative Factory Basic

Focuses on the Creative Factory’s main building blocks; Starts once an ad format has been selected to the a ready ad

Creative Factory Triggers & Actions

Gives a broad overview on triggers and actions in the Creative Factory that make your ad vivid; A must-view of your initial training

Creative Factory Video Solutions

Presents all the video widgets and concepts of the Creative Factory; Shows how to insert videos into ads and how to manipulate them

Creative Factory Location Options

Gives a main introduction in displaying location-based advertising; Learn about the three relevant widgets: Map, Distance, and Locator

Creative Factory Games

Watch to learn how to create games in the Creative Factory; Introduces essential widgets and shows how to interconnect them

Creative Factory Lead Generation

If you aim to generate leads with your mobile ad, don’t miss this tutorial; Shows simple steps of creating a customer form in your ad with Fields, Checkboxes, and a Submit function


Shows you how to generate tags: From choosing tag platforms over advanced tracking options to adding macros; Master all the ad operation steps with this tutorial

Data and Reporting

Provides a basic overview of the various data inputs available in the justAd platform; Click to learn about them


Features the simple steps of creating a rich media banner with the eyeMagnet; See how anyone can animate images or videos in an ad by using this program